25 August 2010

It's back porch dinner time again...

Ahh....we have turned off the AC, flung open the windows and slept soundly.

Tonight, it was time to wipe down the patio table, crank up the umbrella, and eat outside. We love to do that, but the recent heat has kept us indoors. We love this kind of evening. Eating outside seems....slower. You talk more, relax more, and just enjoy. Enjoy each other, all the tastes, as well as the butterflies that are so prevalent in our backyard (they love the butterfly bush, but they don't love L's net).

Dinner last night included....
Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin
Chiabata bread and individual dipping oil
Tomato/Fresh Basil/ Mozzarella salad

Does your family enjoy eating outdoors? What are some your favorite memories?

1 comment:

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

We love to eat outdoors (as you know)! :) One of the things we've loved about living here is that some days we've been able to eat all 3 meals outdoors.

Personally, I really enjoy breakfast outdoors. Especially at this stage of our lives with young ones, dinner is too close to bedtime. :)