20 October 2010

Spray Everything!

Soo...it seems to be coming into the time of year when co-workers are randomly absent due to illness. Today alone there are 3 people out of my office.

Instinct would be to carry around a bottle of this ....but that may be a bit extreme, don't you think?

My sister (who as of last night is also beginning to cough slightly) is a firm believer in Airborne.
She takes it at the slight tickle, sneeze, or ache. She also works in a school, which makes her more susceptible to the little germies that are contained in a building full of kiddos. I know when she is feeling a bit 'off' because I hear the plop-plop and the ensuing Fizzzzzzz.....

Me, I've taken the rout of a sort-of-daily cup of Yogi Immune Support (echinacea) tea. It's warm and cozy and hopefully supporting my immune function =o)

So...when the absences begin, when you feel the sniffles and sneezes and sore throats creeping in....what do YOU reach for? I'd love to hear about your preventatives, remedies,  and all!