16 January 2011

The kitchen is bustling once again...

I had quite a break from baking (and cooking, as well) between Christmas and New Years....because I was sick =o/  Not how I wanted to spend my days off...even worse, it's my favorite festive time of your to create edible confections!

Now, I'm back into my groove. Lots of friends having birthdays, lots of cakes, lots of little extras for people...you know =o)

This weekend I was honored to make little Jacob's first birthday cake! His mom was creating an Elmo paradise in their home and we did the same for his cake. I love the projects that my dear hubby and I can combine our efforts, and this was one of them. He has taken to playing with fondant, and Elmo was entirely HIS doing. Great job! The bottom 9" tier was chocolate w/ mini chocolate chips (filled with choc chip buttercream), Jacobs smash cake was the top tier, it was Banana Oat cake (made from a favorite muffin recipe)...all covered in delicious vanilla buttercream. YUM!

Today, I've got fluffy white Jumbo cupcakes in the oven...making the house smell delicious. I'm thinking, chocolate frosting with mini choc chips sprinkled on top.

On the docket for this week is a large sheet cake with a fish on it...and a Mario birthday cake....we'll see pictures later....my oven is calling...