16 January 2011

The kitchen is bustling once again...

I had quite a break from baking (and cooking, as well) between Christmas and New Years....because I was sick =o/  Not how I wanted to spend my days off...even worse, it's my favorite festive time of your to create edible confections!

Now, I'm back into my groove. Lots of friends having birthdays, lots of cakes, lots of little extras for people...you know =o)

This weekend I was honored to make little Jacob's first birthday cake! His mom was creating an Elmo paradise in their home and we did the same for his cake. I love the projects that my dear hubby and I can combine our efforts, and this was one of them. He has taken to playing with fondant, and Elmo was entirely HIS doing. Great job! The bottom 9" tier was chocolate w/ mini chocolate chips (filled with choc chip buttercream), Jacobs smash cake was the top tier, it was Banana Oat cake (made from a favorite muffin recipe)...all covered in delicious vanilla buttercream. YUM!

Today, I've got fluffy white Jumbo cupcakes in the oven...making the house smell delicious. I'm thinking, chocolate frosting with mini choc chips sprinkled on top.

On the docket for this week is a large sheet cake with a fish on it...and a Mario birthday cake....we'll see pictures later....my oven is calling...

15 December 2010


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18 November 2010

Being intentional...

I am so thankful for a hubby who enjoys B&B's...and looking forward to our weekend at The House on Harmar Hill in Marietta, OH! When we got married, we wanted to start an 'us' tradition for Christmas. We thought and thought and what we landed on is this. No presents. 

'Where is the holiday fun in that?' you may ask. You have nothing to open on Christmas day! Well, technically, we do get to open whatever is in our stocking....that is the only formal gift-giving we do between each other. And we get to enjoy watching our 9-year-old excitedly tear through paper...as any child does on Christmas Day.

What do we do instead to make it special?  We try to get away for at least one night together! Sometime around the holiday season we plan a night away (or 2 if schedules permit) at a somewhat-local Bed & Breakfast. We have gone to a handful by now...to some we have been repeat visitors. Instead of purchasing random articles of clothing or electronic that aren't too meaningful, we prefer to take some time to invest in US. Away from distractions. 

Some years we have just gone without a plan. Other years we have had specific things to talk about or focus on. Always, it's just about reconnecting (something we learned well at a Weekend to Remember many years back.) Today, I stumbled upon the below video, which made me think...maybe we can brainstorm how to put our spouse first - together. Come up with ideas, ways to stay on the defense and keep that thought a constant prayer focus together.

Do you ever have 'intentional' times with your spouse? What do you do, talk about, plan, etc. for those times, I would love to hear!

03 November 2010

I Won!

Ok, you know how you always see blog contests where they use a Random Number Generator to pick a commenter to win a big prize? There always seems to be hundreds of comments, and I never, ever feel like my little number could ever be chosen.

Until now.

I won a Silhouette cutting machine! Just because I posted HERE, and followed something on Twitter. Thanks to BlogFrog for making it all possible...I can't wait to try out my new crafty machine!!!

If you have a Silhouette...I would LOVE to hear about your amazing projects.....

Ghost n' Goblin....

As a kickoff to the Fall holidays..I signed up to WALK my first 5K! My sister has been a huge influence in my long-distance walking, and she urged me to do this. I did. I loved it! 

Now...I think we may sign up for the Erie, PA Turkey Trot when we go home for Thanksgiving. 

We are slightly addicted =o)

Do YOU participate in 5K's? Run or walk? Surprisingly, there were quite a few walkers, so I didn't feel too much like a poser...

My family also dressed up as the Mystery Machine gang....Phil (Shaggy), Me (Velma), and then there is always the ghost the Scooby Doo gang is chasing around the neighborhood.....

And here we are giving candy to the beggars...

She is kind of a cuddly ghost ;)

20 October 2010

Spray Everything!

Soo...it seems to be coming into the time of year when co-workers are randomly absent due to illness. Today alone there are 3 people out of my office.

Instinct would be to carry around a bottle of this ....but that may be a bit extreme, don't you think?

My sister (who as of last night is also beginning to cough slightly) is a firm believer in Airborne.
She takes it at the slight tickle, sneeze, or ache. She also works in a school, which makes her more susceptible to the little germies that are contained in a building full of kiddos. I know when she is feeling a bit 'off' because I hear the plop-plop and the ensuing Fizzzzzzz.....

Me, I've taken the rout of a sort-of-daily cup of Yogi Immune Support (echinacea) tea. It's warm and cozy and hopefully supporting my immune function =o)

So...when the absences begin, when you feel the sniffles and sneezes and sore throats creeping in....what do YOU reach for? I'd love to hear about your preventatives, remedies,  and all!

29 September 2010

Why do we do birthday cakes????

Jessie of CakeSpy explores the history of something many of us love...birthday cake! Have you ever wondered about the traditions behind them? 

Read on...