20 August 2010

Get your SWAG on!

It is Mega Swagbucks day! Happy Friday!

So what does that mean? It means that they will be awarding Swagbucks in larger increments today! So make sure you use Swagbucks today to get the biggest bang for your “search”! (If you are not using Swagbucks, check out below to find out how it works and why you should use it!)

Try using Swagbucks when you search for everyday things – even when you are checking email!

Be Rewarded With Swag Bucks!

I have talked often about Swagbucks and the benefits. I want to highly suggest that you start using Swagbucks now to help pay for Christmas 2010.
A blogger friend told me she was able to use $125.00 in gift cards from Swagbucks towards her Christmas. Combine the $125 in gift cards with great deals, she paid for most of her Christmas gifts using Swagbucks. So if you start now, you can save up for Christmas.
Recommendation: Make Swagbucks your home page and use it to find websites that your frequently visit. I earned 1 Swagbuck for searching for my an image for you just now.

If you add the Toolbar you can earn 1-2 swagbucks just for opening your browser. On Fridays, you can earn doubleSwagbucks. So realistically without doing anything other than searching, you can earn from 40-60 Swagbucks by just searching a month.  If you do the minimum of 40swagbucks per month, you will earn 480 in a year, which will contribute up to $120.00 to your Christmas (depending on what giftcards you choose to redeem). If you earn 60 a month, you can earn even more!
There are other ways to earn to. You can turn in your old cell phones [lilke we did] or gaming systems for up to 300Swagbucks, you can recommend your friends or you can do some online shopping thruSwagbucks to earn. Even a daily poll gets you 1Swagbuck!
Have you had success with Swagbucks?

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