20 October 2010

Spray Everything!

Soo...it seems to be coming into the time of year when co-workers are randomly absent due to illness. Today alone there are 3 people out of my office.

Instinct would be to carry around a bottle of this ....but that may be a bit extreme, don't you think?

My sister (who as of last night is also beginning to cough slightly) is a firm believer in Airborne.
She takes it at the slight tickle, sneeze, or ache. She also works in a school, which makes her more susceptible to the little germies that are contained in a building full of kiddos. I know when she is feeling a bit 'off' because I hear the plop-plop and the ensuing Fizzzzzzz.....

Me, I've taken the rout of a sort-of-daily cup of Yogi Immune Support (echinacea) tea. It's warm and cozy and hopefully supporting my immune function =o)

So...when the absences begin, when you feel the sniffles and sneezes and sore throats creeping in....what do YOU reach for? I'd love to hear about your preventatives, remedies,  and all!


Jessica said...

I am a total believer in Zicam zinc mouthspray...and hydrogen peroxide ear flushes. The kiddos and I started cold a few times last year...but never had to go to the Dr. Now...I totally want to try that tea!!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Proper hydration and rest are HUGE!!! The average adult should be getting 8 hrs of sleep/night and drinking 64oz water/day. I know a lot of people don't get either of those. It's amazing what our bodies can fight if taken care of appropriately (a proper diet--LOTS of fruit and veggies never hurts either!). :) Oh, and good hand washing! ;0)