07 September 2010

I-90, we meet again...

This weekend I packed up our Vibe and headed towards Erie, PA. It's the week of my younger sister's
(Leah) wedding and I was able to take the week off to be 'back home' to help her with all the details. Oh, and to work on her wedding cake!

My solo drive was just beautiful...blue sky, lovely clouds and perfect weather....only issue was the AC  cut out for a good 20 minutes after I went over a bump. Trying my best at hitting the console like 'the Fonze' warranted no good...so I waited to go over another good bump. That did it...AC back on (yes, must remember to have that looked at). I was carrying precious cargo that is very heat-sensitive, so that sent me into a minor panic. But all is well...the chocolates my hubby had worked so hard on (for wedding favors) arrived in prime condition. Whew!

It has been a great time getting acquainted with my parents new house, making memories, and visiting with my grandparents as I cook/bake in their kitchen. Running errands with Leah was a good time and def. included a Tim Horton's stop for a Mocha (mmmm). But I look forward to the rest of my family joining me on Thursday...then the festivities begin!

As for now, I'm hammering out the kinks of printing these cupcake picks and about to get ready for her 1950's themed shower. Bring on the red lipstick!

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