15 September 2010

Home is family....

Pennsylvania was a blast! I never go back without walking a ways down memory lane. ..

This trip, one of my steps was to make NEW memories. My parents sold our childhood house and moved to a different neighborhood. This is the place I drove to (had to set my GPS!) as I went home this time. The first time to let myself into a new door, first time to sleep in a new room, the first meals around the SAME table in a NEW dining room. But ya know what I found out? Home is family. Yes, I missed the familiarity of the streets and the doorways and the backyard....but it's all still just walls and windows and floors. What makes it home is the people. So here's to making many new memories with my same ole' group of loved ones <3

The occasion for this visit... a wedding! Another of my dear sisters married her beloved on September 11th. I got to take part in her 1950's bridal shower her creative high school friends threw for her....

I also got to bake more than 300 cupcakes at my Grandma's house. It was a treasured time of memory-making in the kitchen, sharing tips and words and icing. (Grandpa got his fair share of 'extra cake' as well.)

I DO have to take a moment to brag on my hubby. He made all the chocolate lovebird favors for the wedding....and everyone RAVED about them!

And finally, the honor of standing beside Leah as she recited her vows. The best moments, however, were those waiting back in the nursery as we attended to details and waited for THE moment. She was a stunning bride and I don't think she could have smiled any bigger =o)

My hubby was also in the wedding, standing alongside Jon....and the fun thing was, he got to escort his own daughter down the aisle. How precious!

For all of you curious about the baking I did...here are a few snapshots...

They had love birds on their chocolate fudge cake with ivory vanilla buttercream.

Here is a selection of Lemon cupcakes w/ raspberry buttercream, red velvet w/ cream cheese, and chocolate fudge w/ vanilla buttercream. Hard to choose?

And we even catered to our gluten conscious friends.....let everyone eat {cup}cake!

Congratulations to Leah and Jon!!!!!

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Looks like it was a beautiful and memorable weekend! I remember that first time at Mom and Dad's new house. It's different but soon feels normal. :)